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Entertainer Min-kyung Song was selected as the brand muse for DIBLANC

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Korea B&C’s multi-care beauty brand ‘DIBLANC’ recently signed an exclusive model contract with entertainer Song Min-kyung, who is actively working as an actor and singer.


A representative of DIBLANC said, "Song Min-kyung's neat and clean image and the aspect of a true entertainer who does not miss out on either singing or acting fit well with the image of beauty and multi-care products pursued by DIBLANC, so I was selected as her exclusive model." said.


Song Min-kyung, a former lead vocalist of her vocal group 'THE SEEYA', is loved by the public for showing off her chameleon-like all-around entertainer from her singing to her acting.


Last year, she appeared on the MBC survival trot entertainment show 'Trot Nation' and touched the hearts of the people with her unique emotional voice, and she is actively promoting her talents in movies and musicals. is an actor to look forward to more.


K-Beauty's No.1 multi-care brand, DIBLANC, focuses on developing multi-functional products that can have multiple effects with one product based on innovative technology that enhances the power of safe and correct ingredients found in nature and good ingredients.


The '3-in-1 Sweetheart Tintstick', which combines the functions of tint, lip balm, and lipstick in one, is DIBLANC's flagship product and is very popular in Europe, Russia, and Japan, the home of cosmetics. The 'Vegan Plumpingstick', which is characterized by the Botox effect, also went through a difficult procedure to obtain official vegan certifications in France and Korea, and is receiving a hot response in the global market. In addition, multi-care products such as a functional hand cream with both antibacterial and moisturizing functions and a functional oil to foam all-in-one facial cleanser that can wash the first and second face at once are about to be released.


DIBLANC products are currently being actively exported to 10 major developed countries such as Europe, Japan, Russia and Singapore, and have been promoting various marketing activities such as entering global shopping malls, entering overseas home shopping broadcasts and domestic department stores, and supporting TV dramas.


In particular, it continuously sponsors its products to former and current national sports teams and sports stars to help athletes improve their performance. Recently, through marketing activities in collaboration with artists, world-famous opera singer Christina Pasaroiu as a public relations ambassador, and musical actor Louis Choi as a male model, and other artists from various fields as PR partners, are expanding their recognition as a global beauty brand.


With the signing of an exclusive model contract with Song Min-kyung, we plan to introduce DIBLANC products with content that can approach consumers more familiarly, such as pictorials, digital videos, SNS advertisements, drama and movie production support, etc. Synergy is expected through the collaboration between K-beauty and K-drama.


Korea B&C Co., Ltd. is a cosmetic research institute registered by the Ministry of Science and ICT, and is conducting research and development jointly with Daegu Haany University, Asia's top university for the cosmetic bio industry. In recognition of its advanced cosmetic manufacturing technology, it received the Korea K-Beauty Award Grand Prize for two consecutive years, received a commendation for promising export small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) designated by the Small and Medium Venture Business Administration and the 2020 Trade Day, and was selected as one of the 2021 Global IP Star Companies.


Source: Gyeongbuk Ilbo - Good Day Good News (http://www.kyongbuk.co.kr)


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